Creative Agency

„Our job is to show your work!”


Starting from professional photography and designing skills, we provide services that form the root of any further marketing actions. Together we can manage any type of project for both print production or web development in order to reach out for your new clients, cooperatives, and etc.


The Design

Let’s start from a white sheet of paper, and let our imagination scratch the first paths of the future.

Starting from scratch, the big eyes of an bright white sheet of paper usually scares people the most, just like a real ghost!


We provide ideas, clear thoughts after open brain storm operations, because the reason of creation is not only the beauty of the final look. The most important at the end of the day, is the result of effectiveness, so all the above mentioned will be supplied right away with skilled pencils, digital vector graphics, and visualizations to improve your sight at the produced solution.

No matter if we are up to introduce a brand new company, or refresh an old one, at first we are try to synchronize with it’s nature. We research, we improvise possible mistakes following competition as well as needs of the target. Automatically, we time travel through the paths between each point of simulated space in which we suppose your company will be.


Suppose we can predict where we will be at, and what the next steps could be?


Yes, it is our case, no matter what the subject is we stick to the real life possibilities, and even if we are able to be only close to 100% right while guessing, we assure you, that at least 100% of our efforts will be concentrated on planning everything the right way.


If you are ready to witness it, to be a part of creation processes or simply, to follow the process of acceptance, contact us, and let’s start the show!

With a vast knowledge of photography, print and web design, as well as experience in event management, I possess an adequate skill set to bring creative ideas to life. My passion for capturing the perfect shot and designing visually stunning graphics, coupled with my ability to successfully plan and execute events, make me a valuable asset in any project.

As a professional with a diverse skill set, I am able to offer a range of services to meet your needs. My primary focus is on project management, account management, event management and production management, utilizing my expertise to bring your ideas to life. However, I also offer specialized services in photography and design, with a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating visually stunning images and graphics. Whether you need assistance with a large-scale project or a standalone service, I have the knowledge, experience and adequate skill set to deliver results that exceed expectations.

In summary, I offer a range of services including project management, account management, event management, and production management, as well as specialized services in photography and design. My knowledge, experience and adequate skill set allow me to bring creative ideas to life and deliver results that exceed expectations. Partnering with me will bring advantages such as increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to create visually stunning content. Whether you are an agency, company or individual, such as an artist, sportsman or musician, I am confident that I can help you achieve your goals.

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